'Momentum kids' Group Launched: Because You Would Trust The Hard Left With Your Kids Right?

Momentum the hard left group that is over run with trotskyists (Undemocratic Marxism) who want to deselect MP’s who do not support Jeremy Corbyn and while at this they want to flood labour. (Dispatches The Battle for the Labour Party)
In Early August Momentum removed “non-violence” from it’s code of conduit meaning that Momentum members will no longer disallowed from doing political violence.
Knowing all this why would you ever allow this group to spend any time at all with your kids? Ofcause not as you would not want your kids being taught a one sided political message potentially by people who may teach your kids to overthrow democracy by a load of Marxists it is no different to sending your kids to a far right group.
Alot of people think that extreme politics is only for the far right but in reality the far left can be just as bad if not even worse as no one is questing they ideas meaning that the extremists get more and more people supporting them until you end up with the issues as happened in the 1920’s with the rise of Communism.
Featured Image:
G20 Meltdown protest By Kashfi Halford from London, United Kingdom (Small section of the crowd) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons  (Image is not from a momentum protest but to show that momentum do protest)

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