Jeremy Corbyn Reelected As Labour Leader #Lab16


Jeremy Corbyn has been reelected as leader of the labour party after a vote by the labour membership after months of campaigning lead to a landslide result that is lickly going to lead to less people voting for the labour party and more of the moderates of the party leaving to be replaced by hard left members,
Jeremy Corbyn was last elected by labour members in 2015 but had to go though another election a year later due to a motion of no conference being passed against him by his own MP’s.
Labour leads further and further away from it’s core working class voters and more towards rich people who claim to be socialists all while acting the complete opposite to how socialists would act in real life but that what happens when you stop listing to working people and only listen to the upper classes.
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Jeremy Corbyn No More War  By Garry Knight from London, England ( (Jeremy Corbin [sic]) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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