#EqualPayDay And Diane Abbott Completely Wrong

Diane Abbott is claiming that the United Kingdom has got 13.9% wage gap but does not take anything into account apart from gender and  full-time work,

Males do about twice as many Managers, Directors and Senior Officials jobs as Women (And almost everyone can become a director) but are mostly jobs that you get for working for a company for a long time and women work a lot more part-time work (41% women vs 11%) meaning that fewer women will get the top jobs (If you want the top work then you make your own company or work your ass off full time),

Women also chose to work in lower paid jobs like Administrative, Secretarial occupations, Caring, leisure and Other Service occupations.

And that is the whole point women chose to work fewer hours and have babies (Women are not forced to do so), so when a feminist claims a gender wage gap you just to tell them that women need to start working as hard as men do.

Data From ONS

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