SHOCKING, The Public Want’s Jeremy Corbyn To Be Prime Minister

Jeremy-Corbyn-Chatham-House.jpg By Chatham House, London [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

People on social media have been left shocked by a recent poll by YouGov, that suggests Theresa May has become so unpopular that the public thinks that Jeremy Corbyn would make a better prime minister.

I mean, how bad do you have to be in order to be seen as being less capable of running a country than a communist whose plans would quirky bankrupt the country? Well, you could be Theresa May. Her manifesto was a such a political disaster, that it lost The Conservatives their entire majority.

If you really want to know how far Theresa May has fallen over the past couple of month, then you only have to look at the polling done by ComRes on the 22nd of April which had 62% of respondents stating that she would be the best person to run the country.
Hopefully, the mistakes made by Theresa May will teach future politicians that they can never take their electorate for fools. They will also learn that things can go downhill extremely quickly if they annoy their core voter base.
You would of that the Brexit and Trump vote would have woken up the political establishment into the fact that the public is becoming tired of career politicians who just happened to have been Parashooted into a safe seat, just because they happened to have gone to right school. It is good to see the people taking back control of the political system in this country, populism will always be the best way to run a country. For the people by the people.
So in summary. Jeremy Corbyn has now overtaken Theresa May in polling for who the public wants to be prime minister. Just two months ago she had twice as many people wanting her to be prime minister.

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