Free Speech Activist, Paul Perrin Arrested For a Tweet.

Paul Perrin recently posted on his on blog about being arrested for posting a challenging question via a tweet to a local Labour Councillor. The “crime” was reported to the police via a tweet by the Local Labour Party of his area. Paul Perrin mentioned in the blog post that a newspaper reported that the tweet was being investigated as a “hate crime”.

This case is interesting as not only because a newspaper was told about the investigation before Paul Perrin but they also had him hand over all passwords and took away phone and tablet for over three months and counting. This is strange because the tweet itself was public thus they is no need to have access to any devices that Paul Perrin owns at all. Personally, this sounds like the police have taken away tease devices as an unofficial form of punishment.

This case should signal alarm bells for anyone that believes in free speech, as it shows a very authoritarian culture within the police.


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