Jeremy Corbyn Is Wrong, We Don’t Need to Get Rid of University Tuition Fees Completely

The current leader of the Labour party; Jeremy Corbyn has long campaigned for scrapping university tuition fees. While scrapping tuition fees might sound good on paper, what people like Jeremy Corbyn don’t understand is that if you make all university degrees free you will end up with people taking up degrees that either has too many people for too few jobs or are completely useless.

So, what is the solution to high costs of going to university?
We need to stop thinking of all university degree as being of an equal value. If you want free tuition than the money spent has to be earned back through taxes in order to offset the extra £8 billion per year spend this would mean we would mean we will likely have to stop funding lower earning degrees such as the creative arts and designs which after five years only earns the average person with that degree £20,000 per year.
Basically, what I am saying is that in order to reduce the costs of going to university we need to be more selective to who is able to go to university which will bring an end to the era of the average person expecting a university place. This is because as the people who take on higher paying degrees pay more back on there student loans allows for funding of less well-paid degrees.
When you are asking for free tuition, just remember that free has a price of its own and you might not like that price.

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