Britain Is Banning Conservatives from Entering the Country While over 400 Isis Fighters Were Allowed In

Over the past week, at least three conservatives have been detained while entering the United Kingdom. These people are; Lauren Southern, Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone.

Some people might defend the police for detaining these people but you have got to remember that an estimated over 400 members of ISIS have been allowed to come to the United Kingdom without any issues.

So, if the police are able to arrest people for wrongthink at the broader than why are people who have literally fought against our troops being allowed to just come in?

In finding the answer you should just think for a second of how the government has embraced political correctness. Governments who embrace political correctness are the ones who hunt down people for wrongthink and who then have no trouble in allowing people into the country that are literally terrorists who fought for ISIS.  The current “Conservative” government is only conservative in name and is, in fact, is just like the Labour party but with less spending.

In arresting Lauren Southern, the police have been shown to be anti-journalist which shows that the government is oppressing journalists that disagree with them. This means the government is copying dictatorships in the oppressing of the media and as such, you should question whether or not The Conservative Party even believe in democracy.

I know a lot of people call Jeremy Corbyn a terrorist sympathiser but with Theresa Mays’ government not blocking people returning from ISIS and instead are blocking people who are against terrorism, then doesn’t that make Theresa May a terrorist sympathiser?

All the way from the government to the police it now appears that the current establishment is more interested in keeping the public from speaking out against their multiple policy failures. The government will always come up with some sort of propaganda to try to justify those failures but when that propaganda fails the government always has the police force to do its’ dirty work.

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