The British Governments’ attacks on free speech are protected by its propaganda

The British government has been performing a massive crack on freedom of speech as of late, with two notable example’s being; a 19 year old women who posted rap lyrics to pay tribute to Frankie Murphy was put on a curfew order for 8 weeks, and a man who was fined £800 for teaching his to react to the “gas the Jews” with his paw out in order to annoy his girlfriend.

What is the next step the government will take to further suppress free speech?

The Sentencing Council has suggested that anyone sharing or commenting on a “hateful” should go to prison for up to six months.

If you combine extremely vague laws with the risk of six months in prison, you can make people too scared to comment on any issues that the government finds to be sensitive like; The Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal or problems stemming from some in the traveller and gypsy communities. This allows the government with the right excuse to use politically correct type excuses to have people complaining thrown in prison, just like any dictatorship.

To keep the public on the governments’ side, they just have to say that these people where just spreading “hate speech” and that it is not free speech to “incite hatred” aka just some doublespeak.

The people who provide the propaganda that allows these attacks on free speech to be effective.

On some sub-reddits, people are supportive of these crack downs on free speech, including these people in response to someone being fined £800:

Even tho these comments where downvoted pretty heavily, there are plenty of people who agree with these laws, which is depressing as these comments where from a left-wing subreddit who should know the risks of giving a conservative too much powers when it comes to decided who is allowed to say what. The thing that everyone should think about is just how much potential there is for this to be expanded to other areas, such as protests against companies.

This whole thing is just the government trying to see how far it can go with controlling what people can say, as once the government has its citizens too scared to challenge their policies they can get complete control over everything without challenge, in a dictatorship-lite type system.

The whole going after “hate speech” is just a way of making people too scared of being called racist for simply resisting against laws that have no place in a democracy, in other the whole “hate speech” angle is just another piece of government propaganda.

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