How the Tories Are Playing Both the Left and Right to Take Away Your Freedoms

The current conservative government might appear to be incompetent but one thing they have been very effective at is using both left and right wing politics, in order to take bring forward plans that would take away rights from both sides and do so in a way that would make those people too scared to protest against them.

How the Tories used the right wing as cover to take away freedoms?

When trying to convince the right wing to have their rights taken away, the conservatives have been quick to blame freedoms for causing terrorism and ramp up domestic spying. Of cause, things like the government allowing ISIS fighter to return to this country shows that the government might not be truly honest with fighting terrorism, as allowing people back who have fraught against this country is dangerous and a massive terrorism risk but without terrorist attacks the government would not have as many excuses to crack down on freedoms.

How the Tories used the left wing as cover to take away freedoms?

In order to convince the left wing to ignore attacks on freedoms, the government has started to talk about stopping hate speech and “abuse” online. This takes advantage of the fact that a lot of people on the left think that so-called hate speech is not free speech and should be banned.

In reality, the whole “hate speech” thing is just a ploy by the government to be able to censor political opinions that the Tories dislike and be able to do so while keeping a good image.

What about the future:

Well, there are perfect excuses on both sides of the political spectrum to take away the right to protest. On the left you have the protecting women from harassment when receiving an abortion angle (Just make the law cover disallowing protests in a “protected space” and you will have the power to ban all protests without changing the law) and on the right, you have the excuse that banning protests will stop extremists spreading their message.


No matter what site of the political spectrum you are on, never fall for any ideas that involves the removal of freedoms. The excuses for the right-wing give the government the powers to spy on you and the left wing ones’ give those spying powers some use to the government by allowing them to arrest people they dislike, which sounds like a bit like a dictatorship.

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