Breaking News: Internal Emails Suggest UKIP Higher UP’s Are Trying to Stop Carl Benjamin Joining UKIP

Supposedly internal emails obtained by Ethan Ralph appear to show that higher-ups in UKIP are actively working to stop Sargon of Akkad from getting a membership to the political party (By saying he would be “Instantly thrown out of the party”). The reason giving by David Challice in the email is that because of offensive language used by Sargon, which is hypocritical coming from a political party that claims to support free speech.

Here are the tweets with the supposedly internal emails:

The images supposedly also lists another three major players in UKIP involved in these undemocratic backroom plans to stop this person party, they are; Tony McIntyre, Paul Oakley and Gawain Towler.

I have sent out emails and messages to those mentioned in this story and will write a follow up as more details emerge.

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