Undemocratic UKIP insider, Mauritian Struggle is actively Trying to Get Carl Benjamin Kicked Out of The Party (Updated)

Sargon screenshot by Stephen Crowder (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuRv8QwC7A4) [CC BY 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Carl Benjamin (Otherwise known as SargonofAkkad), is a British political YouTuber who recently joined UKIP in order to try to push the party in a more of a liberalist direction. Of cause, this pissed of some of the higher-ups in the party as having YouTubers saying controversial things is something the party has not experienced before.

The plot to try to get SargonofAkkad kicked out of the party:


Ever since Sargon applied to join UKIP, YouTuber Mauritian Struggle been unhappy with the idea of him being part of the party and instead of being democratic and trying to argue why Sargon is bad with the membership of the party, he has been trying to use his insider status in the party to get Sargon Undemocratically thrown out of the party.
His main attempt to get Sargon thrown out of the party involves, Getting together a bunch of clips of things Carl Benjamin has said (Including about “Undermining our leader”, “infiltrating and subverting the party” and “couple of adverts from people who are associated with him”) as “as he doesn’t have a fucking clue about what he his talking about”. In order to “show it to the leaders” and has shared them with the ”higher up’s”.
Mauritian Struggle has also claimed that Carl Benjamin “kind of is fucked” and that is not “looking good for him” and that Sargon is not happy.

Why doesn’t Mauritian Struggle want Sargon in UKIP?

Mauritian Struggle dislike of Carl Benjamin is mainly around the fact he thinks that Carl will form a faction in UKIP and on top of not liking the ideological of that faction (Liberalists), he fears it will cause a split in the party.
This appears to come from Mauritian Struggle support for Gerard Batten (current leader of UKIP), which makes this whole attempt to kick Sargon out sound very undemocratic.

The potential reason why Mauritian Struggle has so much access to higher up’s in UKIP?

Update note: Mauritian Struggle has denied ever writing for Kipper Central.

As discussed easier in this article, Mauritian Struggle got together a bunch of clips of thing Sargon has said. Mauritian Struggle says that “the comment that he (Sargon) made on a stream with Kevin Logan”.
Yesterday, Elliot Lake (UKIP Students Media Officer and Treasurer at Kent UKIP Students) made an opinion piece for the pro-UKIP website, Kipper Central which included a video that mostly was composed mostly of clips from the “Persuading Kevin Logan to Join UKIP” stream, this would suggest that Mauritian Struggle and Elliot Lake are the same person and he is the insider who cares more about persevering the leadership of the party rather than allowing for democracy to risk that.

If Mauritian Struggle is so scared of democracy, he should join the communist party as that is where someone like him belongs.

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